Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shingles and Coconut

My food thing not only gives me the gut

it also gives me the shingles.

Just for a laugh, why don't you punch "shingles" into Google and then have a look at the image section.

Yeppers, that's me.
Well, it's something like that. I suppose The Shingles are really caused by a virus but I get some sort of itchy dermatitis-y eczema with blister-like eruptions that hurt like hell not unlike the common chicken pox. Mostly all over my rib cage but often under the chin bone and on my back as well. Never much fun.

I came across this lovely product


I wasn't even looking for anything to sooth my skin as I have become rather accustomed to my condition and know the cure is in the diet, not the treatment of symptoms.

Anyway, I was in the health store looking for food that wouldn't do me over and was attracted by the scent of coconut. It was under $10 so I just grappled it up without reading the ladidah on the label.

And I am addicted! It smells so good I want to lather myself up with it and then bite a piece of that rib cage of mine off....It's sooooo good!

I am not sure it does much about the shingles but it does provide some form of temporary relief from itching and flaky skin.

It's all organic, fair trade, ethically fair toward animals and I am hooked.

Have a look at


to find it in your country.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Versatile Blogger

My furry pal George has passed on this award to me

Thank You, George. I feel rather honoured and am glad you are not just Inky and Molly's pal but also MY friend. I sure wish you'd live closer so I could put you in my wooshy-washy "machine" (if you don't know what that is, you can ask Inky and Molly)

Now, here are the rules:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award - done that!
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discoved and you think are fantastic
4) Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award

The seven things...

1.  I make the dog beds every morning - just like I make our bed, I do the doggie beds too. You laugh? Well, they have their own mattress, sheet, and a blanket they get wrapped up in at night. In the mornings, together with various cuddly toys that get tossed around (I don't know what they get up to at night), it all looks like the freight train went through so Mama Bear has got to tidy up. You non-dog people can laugh, I don't care...

2. I have a lot of pain at times and just don't feel right - I never or rarely say but I wonder what that means... I get very tired with the food thing and often the days are a struggle...

3. I am a happy munchkin. You could tell me the world has just ended and I would find something positive to look forward to.

4. I am ADDICTED to Airedales, but you probably knew that already.
I also like any"thing" that looks a bit like an Airedale, like Tim, Welshies (especially George), and then of course Labradoodles and Woolfhounds...

5. When I was a puppy (many moons ago) I had no dolls but lots (and I mean lots) of stuffed toys instead. There were so many teddies at one stage, they had to get a room for themselves because my 3m x 3m shoe box was simply not big enough. I still had lots of them in my own room and my parents would find me camping on the ground with and old blanket while I had all bears tucked into my own bed with the good duvets. Nothing has changed much although my "teddies" are somewhat more animated these days...

6. I am scared of the dying thing. I bawl my eyes out if I just think about Inky and Molly not being here. Or Tim and I not being alive together anymore. Or when I hear, my friend's mum has a brain tumor or what about all those displaced people in Pakistan?? 
I can't even talk about it. I just cry. Hopeless... I can't even mention grandma...

7.  I am an angel and if you are laughing right now or think I ought to be in the looney bin you had better look at my shoulder blades...

Can I add #8?

I am used to being my own boss and making up rules so here is #8:
I love to read. My idea of a perfect day is to be tucked in bed with the family in front of the fire and read. I would like to dedicate more time to reading but running my own business often gets in the way, humph....

I would definitely like to pass the award onto 15 bloggers but I need another post to do this, so please bear with me.

I am off back to Geroge's blog now.

See you there!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Days

See this...

That's 10kg of mandarins. Well, was. Until I stuck my beak in there.

You see, as there are very few things that I can actually eat it makes me really "happy" to "have" something I can "indulge" in.

This morning started out as it does quite often: nothing for me to eat in the house, no breakfast, grrrr...

I can't stand that. When I am hungry, I need to eat. And I always want breakfast. 

But sometimes it's just too difficult and so it was closer to lunch time before I had something at all and it involved Tim (bless him) dashing up to the shops (again) to get provisions at a mighty gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free, vegetarian price. I know, I could be better organised, BUT...

Anyway, although the day didn't start great, I am now officially the happiest little Vegemite on the planet.

I "have" a box of Mandarins!!!

I found www.freshcitrusdirect.com.au and they have a few different sized boxes available.
I got 10kg for $35 inc delivery.

And I will eat it all by myself. Sure, Tim can have one or two and I am not even counting who has what but the fact is that I will have access to "something" quick and easy and pain-free at least for a couple of days.

It is only day one and I reckon I have already had a kilo by myself today.

Ahhh, it's the simple things in life but that box of Mandarins really did it for me.

But it gets even better.

Not only did MY box of Mandarins arrive today, Wardrobe Man came too.

Remember the Blue Room?

Well, we did rip out the old built-in robe and a new one had to be designed and set up.

Tim has actually done all the hard work there but we are now getting the fit out done by a local company. In the end it will work out cheaper than Tim doing the whole thing by himself and he doesn't have to slog over putting cupboards and hangers in place.

I was so happy, I gave Wardrobe Man one of my mandarins.

We are now officially one step closer to completion of project "Mess Management" in the Blue Room and I reckon if the plastering guy comes back with a decent quote we will be painting in a couple of weeks and all pain will be forgotten.

Oh, it's happy days!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I won't buy you a chicken sandwich

I will buy you a coffee.
I will invite you out for lunch.
I will pay for your vegetarian sandwich.
I won't shell out for chicken, beef, schwein or any animal at all.
Not with my money.... I ain't support'n' THAT.

I have never preached or lectured or wanted to change anyone's life.
Of course, I would love everyone to think like I do.
Dog is the same as cow, wouldn't eat your dog, wouldcha?

However, I do stand my guns. My ammunition being my money. Money being the universal power.
With the little power I have I will (try) to keep all animals equal, safe and without pain, fear and/ or depression.

I invite you to visit
You've got nothing to fear, you are doing the right thing anyway and stuff me and all those other mung bean munchers, right??

I have been munching mung beans for 20 years now and didn't need the book but still read it to remind me what's right and what's wrong.

Anyone for lunch??

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Help

I have recently finished a book called The Help by Kathryn Stockett and loved it, so here I am giving it a plug...


I have found various reviews on the book (after I had read it), all of them speaking of the brilliance of this first-time author's work. However, some seem to think it is about a young white woman with strong and controversial ambitions in the early 60s, others say it's about a coloured, middle-aged lady working as a housekeeper and child-minder for a middle-class white family in a time when segregation was "the law" in North America.

Both are right. In actual fact, the story is about three main characters, all with different backgrounds and ambitions and the story beautifully connects and intertwines their paths.

I find it interesting that people extract different things about the story line to represent this book. That must mean that different people identify themselves with their own character of (deliberate or unintentional) choice and thus point out that the book is about that "chosen" character.

I nearly fell into the same trap with one of the side-line characters, Mae Mobley. This little girl's story I can relate to the most. A thing I live with, but [I am] tall and straight. [I am] proud. [I] got a better haircut. And [I am] remembering the words [I myself] put in [my] head... 

The book is more than about a bunch of characters that each offer different things to us. It's about a time in history that was very real but seems almost forgotten. It's about the people that lived in those times covering different angles and view points. And lastly, the book is about the book itself! But you will just have to read it yourselves to find all of that out...

I use fishpond.com.au here in Australia to get my books

for the hardcover use

for the paper back

Amazon. com of course has the book as well

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Blue Room

We live in an old house that was built between 1900 -1920. It has certainly changed over the years and the previous owners had built and extension at the front, the back and upstairs.

Since we moved in about 5 years ago we have worked tirelessly on bringing the house into the 21st century while maintaing its old charm.

We started with painting the outside when we first bought the house. Every once in a while we have a red dust storm here in Australia. As the previous owners must have deemed painting the outside as too big a project, years and years worth of red dust had caked to the off-white flaking paint on the weatherboards.

Repainting it turned out to be huge project indeed since it's a double storey house with lots of roofing that had to be repainted, too.

Since then we have renovated room by room on the inside, upstairs and downstairs.
After the HUGE kitchen, bathroom and lounge project which took us almost two years it was time to tackle the last room "untouched": The Blue Room,

We have inhibited The Blue Room as our bedroom since we decided to rent upstairs out to an international student, helping us supplement the ongoing reno costs.

It was called The Blue Room because in the 80s somebody decided it would be cool to colour theme each room and use blue wall paint, blue carpet, a blue built-in wardrobe, blue enamel paint on the fire place etc. in said room.

Because we have been constantly renovating over the past years most of our STUFF had to be put somewhere and since the kitchen/ lounge area was a huge hole for a long period of time and upstairs was rented out to somebody else, things ended up in, you've guessed it, The Blue Room.

That room contained EVERYTHING including snorkels, antiques, clothing, ALL the books...plus us and the dogs (sometimes 5 of them as you may know). And because that room always contained a huge mess of EVERYTHING we never really took any photos. So we can't show off the full before and after effect.

However, we are proud to announce that The Blue Room is blue no more. Or at least a little less for now.

The ugly wardrobe and carpet are out, we polished up the boards (that took forever), and the fireplace is back in working order which has been great over the last few very wintery days.

Things I live with, precisely!

One of the "things" I live with are my puppies of course.
And the joys that come with such privilege are too numerous to list in one post.

However, one of them is worth mentioning right here, right now and perhaps it will help me deal with IT a little better.

Inky ate crap.

I mean, the real thing. Someone's or somedoggie's Number Two. Right in front of me.

And I seem somewhat scarred still. Trauma that won't pass.

The whole thing unfolded down at the beach where Tim and I went looking for a nice spot to commit to spending the rest of our lives together.
Oh, the irony of it. Let's hope this is not an omen for anything :)

We had found the perfect spot and decided to trot back to the car following a narrow path behind our chosen beach cove. Airedales and pinkies were walking single file and Tim, at the front, pointed out to me, "watch out for THAT". I couldn't quite see what he meant so I had to look twice and I only really saw IT when Inky, behind me, was gobbling half of it down already.

And she was looking at me. With that look that sort of said, aren't you gonna have any?
Hell, no. I got out of there as quickly as I could with Molly in tow so she wouldn't get any ideas. Gagging all the way, screaming at Tim, she's EATING it.

The man that he is, he flung around and scooped Inks up pulling her back down to the water. She got a good rinse then, while Tim was trying to drown THAT THING, and wash it out of our lives.

When we got back to the car I was close to crying. My little Inky Pups. How could she do such a thing? Wombat poo, horse poo, cow poo...yes. But human feces? And lets face it, IT was clearly too big to have been of the dog variety. And just the consistency of it seemed, well, odd.

I pulled out the hand sanitiser, the wet wipes and clung to anything related to Germ-Fixing out of the glove box as if it was my last straw out of this psychological disaster.

And lets face it, it's all in the head, really. I mean, what's the big deal. It's only natural, right???

Of course, the pup got washed, inside and out, as soon as we got home to clean her soul from that unforgivable sin.

But still, I have been hesitant to succumb to the usual Inky Licking Frenzy that takes place every morning with faded imagery still lingering in my mind.

A part of IT is still here. Like a dirty trace left behind in the bowl.

Let's hope that time will brush it away...