Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shingles and Coconut

My food thing not only gives me the gut

it also gives me the shingles.

Just for a laugh, why don't you punch "shingles" into Google and then have a look at the image section.

Yeppers, that's me.
Well, it's something like that. I suppose The Shingles are really caused by a virus but I get some sort of itchy dermatitis-y eczema with blister-like eruptions that hurt like hell not unlike the common chicken pox. Mostly all over my rib cage but often under the chin bone and on my back as well. Never much fun.

I came across this lovely product


I wasn't even looking for anything to sooth my skin as I have become rather accustomed to my condition and know the cure is in the diet, not the treatment of symptoms.

Anyway, I was in the health store looking for food that wouldn't do me over and was attracted by the scent of coconut. It was under $10 so I just grappled it up without reading the ladidah on the label.

And I am addicted! It smells so good I want to lather myself up with it and then bite a piece of that rib cage of mine off....It's sooooo good!

I am not sure it does much about the shingles but it does provide some form of temporary relief from itching and flaky skin.

It's all organic, fair trade, ethically fair toward animals and I am hooked.

Have a look at


to find it in your country.

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  1. Our Nonni (God rest his soul) had shingles and he said they were most painful. We feel for you!
    We bet that coconut oil is yummy!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch