Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Blue Room

We live in an old house that was built between 1900 -1920. It has certainly changed over the years and the previous owners had built and extension at the front, the back and upstairs.

Since we moved in about 5 years ago we have worked tirelessly on bringing the house into the 21st century while maintaing its old charm.

We started with painting the outside when we first bought the house. Every once in a while we have a red dust storm here in Australia. As the previous owners must have deemed painting the outside as too big a project, years and years worth of red dust had caked to the off-white flaking paint on the weatherboards.

Repainting it turned out to be huge project indeed since it's a double storey house with lots of roofing that had to be repainted, too.

Since then we have renovated room by room on the inside, upstairs and downstairs.
After the HUGE kitchen, bathroom and lounge project which took us almost two years it was time to tackle the last room "untouched": The Blue Room,

We have inhibited The Blue Room as our bedroom since we decided to rent upstairs out to an international student, helping us supplement the ongoing reno costs.

It was called The Blue Room because in the 80s somebody decided it would be cool to colour theme each room and use blue wall paint, blue carpet, a blue built-in wardrobe, blue enamel paint on the fire place etc. in said room.

Because we have been constantly renovating over the past years most of our STUFF had to be put somewhere and since the kitchen/ lounge area was a huge hole for a long period of time and upstairs was rented out to somebody else, things ended up in, you've guessed it, The Blue Room.

That room contained EVERYTHING including snorkels, antiques, clothing, ALL the books...plus us and the dogs (sometimes 5 of them as you may know). And because that room always contained a huge mess of EVERYTHING we never really took any photos. So we can't show off the full before and after effect.

However, we are proud to announce that The Blue Room is blue no more. Or at least a little less for now.

The ugly wardrobe and carpet are out, we polished up the boards (that took forever), and the fireplace is back in working order which has been great over the last few very wintery days.


  1. Hi Elfi nice to meet you.
    You sure have been buzy. don't tell Inky and Molly but I'll pop in from time to time.
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Mom knows firsthand about antique homes being a never-ending project! It's tough work but very rewarding!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Nice! It'll all be worth it in the end. That is if the end ever comes. Have a great day!

  4. I'm sure your home will be beautiful-glad I checked out your new blog... :-)

    Your buddy,

  5. Und wir lieben auch alte Häuser. Wohnen selbst in einem Uralt-Bauernhaus. Man wird nie fertig. Und es ist sehr spannend wenn man drin wohnt und dabei umbaut. Jahrelanges Chaos, Suchen von Dingen immerzu.Ich wünsche weiterhin viel Kraft und Freude beim Ausbau.

  6. It's lovely Elfi, just lovely.
    We have lived in our house 24 years now and we need to start all over again - but I'm not ripping the staircase out again LOL.

  7. Crikey, I feel like I'm Reading my story. Our house was built in 1909. It gets covered in the occasional dust storm and we ( well I really mean Bryan) are painting the outside. It's a very slow process. We just recently painted the laundry and our living room. Old houses are hard work but so worth it.
    Come up and visit whenever you like. Bring the girls.

    D x

  8. Hi Elfi...lovely to meet you.

    We live in an old farmhouse iwas built in the 1890's. It hadn't been lived in for 20 yrs when we bought it. So far we have been renovating it for 21 yrs. LOL

    Definately pop back to see what you are up to.