Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Days

See this...

That's 10kg of mandarins. Well, was. Until I stuck my beak in there.

You see, as there are very few things that I can actually eat it makes me really "happy" to "have" something I can "indulge" in.

This morning started out as it does quite often: nothing for me to eat in the house, no breakfast, grrrr...

I can't stand that. When I am hungry, I need to eat. And I always want breakfast. 

But sometimes it's just too difficult and so it was closer to lunch time before I had something at all and it involved Tim (bless him) dashing up to the shops (again) to get provisions at a mighty gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free, vegetarian price. I know, I could be better organised, BUT...

Anyway, although the day didn't start great, I am now officially the happiest little Vegemite on the planet.

I "have" a box of Mandarins!!!

I found and they have a few different sized boxes available.
I got 10kg for $35 inc delivery.

And I will eat it all by myself. Sure, Tim can have one or two and I am not even counting who has what but the fact is that I will have access to "something" quick and easy and pain-free at least for a couple of days.

It is only day one and I reckon I have already had a kilo by myself today.

Ahhh, it's the simple things in life but that box of Mandarins really did it for me.

But it gets even better.

Not only did MY box of Mandarins arrive today, Wardrobe Man came too.

Remember the Blue Room?

Well, we did rip out the old built-in robe and a new one had to be designed and set up.

Tim has actually done all the hard work there but we are now getting the fit out done by a local company. In the end it will work out cheaper than Tim doing the whole thing by himself and he doesn't have to slog over putting cupboards and hangers in place.

I was so happy, I gave Wardrobe Man one of my mandarins.

We are now officially one step closer to completion of project "Mess Management" in the Blue Room and I reckon if the plastering guy comes back with a decent quote we will be painting in a couple of weeks and all pain will be forgotten.

Oh, it's happy days!

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  1. Your blue room is coming along beautifully!
    We're so happy that you're loving your mandarins! Enjoy them all!